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Internship Training and Live Project Work


Winter Internship

A certificate is provided to all the participants at the end of the training from HP computer.

HP Internship Program

HP Project Based Industrial Training

Training is conducted by HP computer with a range of courses to be delivered across number of locations. The programs usually conducted twice a year, beginning in the month of January and July. The duration of the program varies from 4 to 6 months depending on student needs and qualified partner professionals are engaged to deliver the program and guide the trainees throughout the program. There are around 10-20 participants in a batch with a good student-trainer ratio for effective learning.

We have designed Internship program for benefits of our students to give them exposure in learning as well as provide opportunity to work on different projects including one live project. It gives students in-depth understanding about the system. Thus, students get on project work experience that gives them complete understanding about the project development process. Furthermore, they get familiar with the real-time project development methods from designing to deployment. Thus, it enhances development capabilities of students to help them to work confidently right from the first day of their job.

Advanced Internship Training from HP

At HP computer, we offer an effectual IT training and corporate training. Our highly advanced training programs help students to enhance their IT skills and give stable position in the IT industry.

HP Internship Training Modules are as follows

  • Android App Development
  • Website Designing
  • PHP Live Project Training
  • .Net
  • Java, Advanced Java(J2EE)
  • Live Project Training
  • Internship Certificate
  • Training Certificate
  • Project Based Industrial Training


In HP Internship Programme:


Exceptional Training: We offer internship programme to students once they complete 100% of classroom training including practical training. Thus, they get expertise to work on actual projects assigned to them.

Project Based Training: We provide efficient training to students in which students have to undergo Two Major Projects Training as well as One Live Project Training. It helps students in enhance their expertise in the domain.

Methodological Training from Expert Professionals: Our experienced software developers provide methodical training to each student. They explain development concept in detail with practical training for the project.

Expert Assistance for Interview Preparation: The last process is preparation for interview procedure to get best placement in IT industry. Our efficient assistance for interview increase confidence level in the student to represent their talent during interview.

At HP computer, all our faculties strives their best to make students professionally trained in their subject. We assure to give our students excellent opportunities to increase their skill and grow up their career.

Internship 2018. Pay Registration fee in SBI ( A/C - HP COMPUTER - 35319749052. IFS - SBIN0003467 ) or Register Online - Rs.1500/-

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